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Our Kidney Vision

If it weren’t for Steve’s kidney failure, no one in our lives would know the difficulties that someone in need of a kidney transplant faces. As with many things in our world, we did not understand the great need that there is for kidney donors until we began his search. Today, one in ten Americans has been diagnosed with some form of Chronic Kidney Disease. These numbers are on the rise, which means there is a greater need for kidney donors. There are currently over 16,000 kidney transplants annually in the United States and the fact that the 5 year life expectancy is doubled for a transplant recipient over a person receiving dialysis indicates that we must find more donors. Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the transplant list. Last year, over 4,900 people died while awaiting a lifesaving kidney transplant.

Our goal for a charitable life’s Kidney Vision is to educate as many people as we can about the possibilities and the process of kidney donation and assist in anyway possible to help create more living donors. There are many obstacles that stand in the way of getting a healthy living donor and recipient paired to complete a transplant. One of the major obstacles is fear or under education of the transplant process and the effect that the process will have on a living donor.  Many donor operations are now performed using the Laparoscopic technique which is less invasive and usually allows for a quicker recovery for the donor. The Laparascopic technique has allowed for an easier process and quicker recovery of living donors. 

One of the most alarming reasons that a living donor transplant may not be completed is simply financial.  Some donors are willing but financially the donor, the recipient, their family, or community does not have the finances to be able to allow them to miss work and travel to a hospital to be able to complete the transplant.  As we learned during Steve's transplant, financial assistance can be the blessing that allows the transplant to take place.  The Living Donor Assistance Organization was able to assist Steve's donor with travel, lodging, food, and lost wage reimbursement, which allowed his transplant to be completed.  While Steve's donor was able to receive assistance, The Living Donor Assistance Organization is not able to accommodate every request for assistance and there are instances where a donor kidney was available but financially they could not afford to complete the transplant and lives have been lost.  

We strive to find willing and healthy donors to save lives and we will do all that we can to fill in the financial gaps to ensure that if there is a matching and willing donor kidney available then the transplant will be completed. There are thousands of individuals that could be a match for the more than 100,000 people awaiting a transplant today. Your support and donations will help us educate more people on the need for healthy donors, but most importantly your donation could be the dollars needed to bring an already existing matched pair together to complete a living donor transplant.

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