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Fight Kidney Disease RibbonFighters Continue Forward!

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines a fighter as “someone who does not give up: someone who continues fighting or trying.”  This defines many individuals today, especially those dealing with the effects of kidney disease.  The extreme physical effects of kidney disease bring out the fighting spirit in all of those that are battling kidney disease and kidney failure.  It can be a real fight to sit through four to eight hours of dialysis multiple times a week.  Dialysis puts the biggest stress on the body but kidney failure and kidney disease create other physical stresses such as severe acid reflux, joint pain, constipation, and migraines just to mention a few of the more severe physical issues.  The physical toll that one’s body has to withstand wears on each individual day after day.  Anyone affected by these physical stresses has to be a fighter to overcome each instance of physical pain and suffering that may occur at any time, without notice. 

The physical fight is merely the beginning of the battle that someone dealing with kidney disease or kidney failure has to face on a daily basis.  The mental strength required to face each day is immeasurable.  Like anything, there are good days and bad days but you have no way to plan or know when the bad days are going to set in.  Many people fighting through kidney failure are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster from the depths of diagnosis to the highs of the possibilities of receiving a transplant kidney and returning to a more “normal” daily life.  Many times the mental fight is the most difficult portion of dealing with kidney disease and kidney failure.  These individuals have to remain strong and never give up as they continue the fight against kidney disease.

We at a charitable life will be fighting side-by-side our F-I-G-H-T-E-R-S to get their story out to the public and bring awareness to the issues that we face today with 1 in 10 Americans fighting kidney disease.  The stories of our FIGHTERS are brought to us through our strong partnerships within the medical community.  We will post these stories below so that you can learn more about our FIGHTERS and see how we are working to help them in their battle.

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