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Organ Donor RegistrationSave Up to Eight Lives!

Each registered organ donor can save up to eight lives.  Through organ and tissue donation 79 lives are saved each day but on average an additional 18 people die each day because of a shortage of organ donations.  Most of the organs that are donated in the U.S. today are deceased donors but none of these donations would be made if these individuals were not registered organ donors or their families decided to allow organ donation after their death.

There are many concerns and misconceptions donor being an organ donor.

Common myths include:

  1. Medical providers will not work as hard to save my life if I am an organ donor.
  2. My family can’t have an open casket funeral if I donate my organs.
  3. I’m too old to donate my organs.
  4. I am not healthy enough to donate my organs.

Learn more about the myths of organ donations from the Mayo Clinic or Donate Life Organization.

Mayo Clinic Transplant Myths

Understanding Organ Donation

Today, 90% of Americans say that they support organ donation but less than half of Americans are registered organ donors.  Registering is easy.  Click the button below to get registered.

The Impact of Organ Donation

NFL wide receiver Chris Henry died in a tragic car accident in 2009.  Chris’ mother took the tragedy of losing her son unexpectedly and turned that tragedy into the miracle of life for four individuals needing organ transplants.  Watch the video below to see how the decision to donate her sons organs has allowed four people and their loved ones to get back to living.

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