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Lisa TrevinoLisa Trevino - San Angelo, TX

Lisa Trevino is a typical 53 year old American.  She comes from a close-knit family; she was born and raised in the city in which she currently resides, and she has close ties to her community through her work and her church.  She faces many of the same problems that are typical for a middle-aged American woman.  Lisa, though, isn’t typical in every way.  For eight hours three times a week, Lisa has to be hooked to a machine in order to live.  While she patiently and anxiously awaits the phone call in which a donor kidney has been found for her, Lisa will continue the battle against kidney disease.

Early in 2012, Lisa began experiencing respiratory distress.  After trips to both a pulmonologist and cardiologist, she was diagnosed with Asthma.  But as her symptoms worsened, even with proper treatment, Lisa began to suspect something else was at play.  In April of the same year, Lisa went to the emergency room with extreme fatigue, weakness, and trouble breathing.  After several tests, Lisa was informed that she was in kidney failure.  Further testing revealed a condition called "Scleroderma" in which connective tissue hardens throughout the body.  By the time Lisa’s case was identified, her kidneys were already damaged beyond repair.  Within twenty-four hours, Lisa was taken to surgery to have a port placed and was given her first treatment of dialysis.Lisa Trevino and Patsy Trevino

At that time, Lisa was placed on the National Donor Registry and testing began on members of her family in hopes of finding a match.  Immediately, Lisa’s son Jason was identified as perfect match, and testing began on his kidneys to start the donation process.  Shortly after Jason underwent testing, Lisa’s medical team at San Antonio Methodist Healthcare discovered that he was pre-diabetic and as a result, was eliminated as a potential donor.  Although this set back was disheartening, Lisa’s aunt was quickly identified as a match as well.  Unfortunately, further testing revealed that her kidney function was too low to donate.  And that brings Lisa to now – waiting on a life-saving donation, and keeping faith that she’ll find one.  Her fiancé signed up for the organ exchange program in which he has agreed to donate a kidney to someone in order for Lisa to receive one as well.

For now, Lisa will wait.  She will sit down in a chair three times a week and hook up to a machine that will act as her kidneys for eight hours.  She will return home – nauseated and exhausted – but grateful that she’s still here fighting.  Lisa’s hope is that with more outreach, more potential donors can be located.  With more interest comes more knowledge, and she believes with all her heart that if people learn about the donation process, fear will be diminished.  Our hope and prayer is that Lisa will indeed be matched with a donor who has learned the facts about the process and has looked within for strength and determination.

Lisa Trevino and grandson

Fighting a battle for life is enough of a burden; patients like Lisa who are waiting on a transplant shouldn’t have to worry about finances or any of the other things that hinder her while she travels this life-saving journey.  Unfortunately though, lack of finances, finding a matching kidney donor, and other concerns are exactly what dialysis patients worry about daily.  When Lisa’s donor is found, he or she will have to travel to San Antonio, Texas, for an undisclosed amount of time.  The donor and his/her family will have travel expenses on top of lodging and eating expenses.  Any potential donors should never have to worry about the personal financial cost of saving another’s life.   

Lisa Trevino is a FIGHTER in every sense of the word; at a charitable life, we vow to continue the fight right along with her as she battles kidney failure.  If you have any questions about kidney donation, the kidney exchange program, or how you can help fight alongside Lisa, feel free to call us at 866-306-8606 or fill out the contact form above and we will contact you.  Please join us in this battle against kidney disease and help us prove to the world that we can indeed, BE THE GOOD.

If you have interest in being a living donor for Lisa or anyone in need of an organ transplant please call the Texas Transplant Institute living donor hotline at 800-888-0402.

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