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Jared GreathouseJared Greathouse

Jared developed an understanding of quality values early in life while attending New Mexico Military Institute. His value set continued to be molded at The University of Texas where he realized his values and skills would best be utilized in a career in Law. Jared graduated from The University of Miami School of Law and returned to Texas to become a practicing attorney. He has always been driven to help people with any situation whether it be a legal issue or otherwise. In his early days while practicing law he realized that his clients not only needed legal assistance but most of them also sought advice in financial planning as well. Through his partnerships and certifications, Jared now provides legal and financial advice to his clientele. Jared's professional need to assist people carries over into his personal life where he has always volunteered with his local Humane Society and his true value to assist others was recently recognized with an appreciation award for his volunteer work with the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program (DVAP). Jared has assisted many clients, who did not have the financial resources for an attorney, on a pro bono basis with DVAP. This desire and understanding of assisting those in need, as well as, his legal and financial knowledge have made Jared a great asset for a charitable life.

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