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We will periodically provide the latest stories and details of how your contributions and assistance have allowed a charitable life to assist individuals battling organ failure.  Currently our partnership with Methodist Healthcare and the work of our Life Solutions Agents allow us to provide financial assistance to living donors, organ recipients, individuals battling organ failure, and their families.  We are committed to using every dollar that we receive to BE THE GOOD!

Our newsletter will give you a view into the lives that our generous donors have been able to provide for as they battle organ failure.  We will provide updates from doctors and social workers that we rely on to ensure that we are doing the most good possible.  Look for updates on other pivotal events or activities that a charitable life is involved with in your area.

Lastly, we believe that the individuals that find it in their heart to donate physically and financially to a charitable life should have a view of how their time and money has been used to BE THE GOOD, so we will document the donations that we have received and the amount of funding we have used to assist those in need.  This allows you as a donor, to see that your assistance is greatly appreciated and being used for the greater purpose in your local area.

Please call us directly at (866)-306-8606 if you have any questions or please complete the form on this page to be added to our newsletter mailing list.  a charitable life values its partners and donors and will never sell or use your information for any other purpose.

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