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We would like to welcome Experience L!fe Magazine readers to a charitable life. On average 18 people die each day because of organ failure in the United States.  BE THE GOOD, click "LEARN MORE" for more details and a link to the article!

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Our Start

Great ideas come from many different avenues. Some are born out of tragedy, some from innovation, and others from overcoming the trials that life gives us. Difficult life experiences and the desire to give back have created a charitable life.

Our Mission

At a charitable life we believe there is good in the world and we are driven to BE THE GOOD! We strive to show people how they can impact their community and the world. In turn we are able to help assist those with organ issues.

Our Methodist Partnership

We have partnered with Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital San Antonio to assist with growing education and awareness of today's organ issues which allows us to financially assist donors in their living donor programs.